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Three Urgent Needs

"Man proposes, and God disposes" is a great saying that tells us that we aren’t in charge of what happens, are we? We can make plans, but sometimes we just have to face reality as it comes at us.

Months ago our missionaries planned everything out very nicely and made their requests for help, but then they got a few surprises.

In the past couple of weeks, three urgent requests from the missions arrived on my desk:

  • In Papua New Guinea, Mendi Bishop Don Lippert found out he needed to move the Claretian Sisters into Mendi. Several times thieves have broken into the Sisters’ poorly built house in the bush. They are fearful of further intrusions. Bishop Don knows the Sisters need to be in a safer place, and as quickly as possible. He has asked us for $45,000 to buy a parcel of land and build a house in Mendi. The Sisters are lovely and faith-filled women and do such wonderful work with the children throughout the diocese.
  • The superior of the Capuchins in Tanzania, Father Wolfgang Pisa, recently visited a village near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Capuchin missionaries have served in this arid area for about ten years. The people are very poor, and they are faithful Catholics. Father tells me that the village water well has suddenly gone dry. The missionaries and villagers have to walk many miles to fetch water. They are becoming desperate. The friars have been told by a government scientist that a deeper well will provide ample water for the villagers. Father Wolfgang needs $30,000 to dig that well, and he has turned to us for help.
  • Perhaps you have heard the bad economic news from Puerto Rico. Poor government decisions have left the economy in ruins, and the people are struggling to make ends meet. Capuchin Padre Roberto Martinez runs a large parish school in San Juan. It is the best school in all of Puerto Rico, educating 1,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Despite its great reputation, it is struggling because of the collapsed economy. Parents are unable to pay even the minimum tuition, and with the beginning of a new school year, all of a sudden Padre Roberto needs our help. He needs $50,000 to help families with school expenses if he is to keep the school going through these rough times.

Bishop Don, Father Wolfgang, and Padre Roberto are always faithful to the Lord and the Church. They are completely devoted to the people that God has given them to serve. They have wonderful and compassionate hearts, and they need your help!

Any gift from the heart, and according to one's means,
is greatly appreciated:


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