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Pangani School

Father Novatus approached me last year with a desperate plea for help. The people of Pangani, Tanzania begged Father and the Capuchin friars to build and run a school for their children. The youngsters face a bleak, impoverished future without a school in this forgotten area. They needed our help.

With great enthusiasm and support from the Seraphic Mass Association, Father Novatus gathered an energetic and hardworking crew to complete the first building of the new school.

Classes began in January with 70 students! Can you imagine the joy and excitement of the parents of these children?

Because schools are scarce in the rural areas of Tanzania, parents send children long distances to attend school. Father Novatus must house and feed the students. And more classrooms, a dormitory and cafeteria, recreation areas, and a library are needed.

Can you help us with this very special project?

Will you partner with me and the Tanzanian friars? Please join this great adventure to give a brighter future for the children of Pangani.

Please accept my offering of $ to help Father Novatus give the children of Pangani a better future.
With this gift of $1000 or more, please inscribe the name below on the Plaque of Remembrance which will be placed in the school library:
With this gift of $250 or more, please inscribe the name below in the Book of Remembrance which will be placed in the Rector’s office:


If you are able to make a large gift, your generous contribution can help with “big ticket” items and will be dedicated to you or in memory of a loved one. Please contact Geri Medock at 1-877-737-9050 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (EST).

If you prefer to write or call, please use the address or phone numbers at the bottom of this page.
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