Our Mission

Where in the world have the Capuchins not penetrated? Where have they not shown up? When times were at their worst and help was sorely needed, in places that were abandoned and where no one else would go, there you will find the Capuchin.

--Pope Pius XI

In the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Father Sam Driscoll, O.F.M. Cap., commemorates Jesus washing the feet of His apostles on Holy Thursday.

They call it a mission. A journey from home to a faraway place. But it is more than a journey. Often, it is a lifetime of love and service to those in need.

For nearly 500 years, Capuchin Franciscan Friars have been called to mission. The Friars have served in foreign lands since the Order was started in 1528. Preaching on almost every continent of the globe, the Capuchins are daily witnesses to the sharing of God’s Word and His love, even to the ends of the earth.

Often the work of a Capuchin missionary is evangelization…spreading the Gospel, while training local lay ministers for pastoral work. In other places, missionaries seek to implant the Capuchin Franciscan Order, becoming involved in local seminary work. And in other areas, the challenge of the Friars is spiritual, physical and medical care for people facing the hardships of natural disasters, living in geographically remote locations, poverty, and tribal warfare.

Capuchin Friars dedicate their lives to fraternity, prayer, simplicity and service to the poor. Even to the ends of the earth, Capuchin Friars are missionaries of God’s love and instruments of His peace.



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