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Kithyoko School

You can help defy radical Islamic terrorist oppression by liberating young girls from ignorance.

Let me tell you about my recent visit to the village of Kithyoko, Kenya.

Heading east out of Nairobi, we were stopped several times by Kenya’s military police. They were checking cars and trucks for Al-Shabaab Islamic terrorists who are based in nearby Somalia and are committed to imposing Islam on Kenya.

Father Paul Silas, superior of the Capuchins of Kenya, wanted me to see the small village of Kithyoko and the challenges faced by its people. They are on the front line of the battle waged for the soul of Kenya by Muslim extremists.

Capuchin friars have been here for almost five years. They do great work. Father Paul tells me that the friars and villagers want to build and operate a girls primary school in Kithyoko.

You see, Al-Shabaab Islamic fanatics do not permit girls to be educated. Providing an education for girls is almost an act of rebellion!

And then to make it a Catholic girls school! It almost takes your breath away. In the face of an Islamic threat only miles away, these Catholics are defiant and utterly faithful . . . and they want a better future for their daughters!

You can be part of this courageous project!

Father Paul knows that there are over 300 little girls in this rural area who will be eager students. He turned to me and said, “John, we need your help.”

After a few moments of prayer, asking the Lord to tell me how to respond, I looked at Father Paul and said, “Of course, we will help.”

Your donation for the Kithyoko Catholic Girls Primary School will make a difference.
  • For your gift of $1,000 or more, a classroom will bear your name or the name of someone you choose to memorialize.
  • For your gift of $250 or more, your name or the name of a loved one will be inscribed in a Book of Thankful Remembrance.
  • Your gift of $150 will provide a student with classroom books and school supplies.
  • Your gift of $100 will buy a desk and chair.
  • Any amount you can give will help with ongoing construction of the school.
I’m placing before you this very special need. Please join us in helping Father Paul with this vital project.

Please accept my offering of $ to help Father Paul give the girls of Kithyoko a better future.
With this gift of $1000.00 or more, please enter the name below on a classroom wall:
With this gift of $250 or more, please inscribe the name(s) below in the Book of Thankful Remembrance:


If you are able to make a large gift, your generous contribution can help with “big ticket” items and will be dedicated to you or in memory of a loved one. Please contact Geri Medock at 1-877-737-9050 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (EST).

If you prefer to write or call, please use the address or phone numbers at the bottom of this page.
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