My Brothers in Puerto Rico Need Your Help

My Capuchin brothers in Puerto Rico still urgently need your help!

Despite some initial delay, we have had regular updates about our 22 Capuchin missionaries serving in Puerto Rico.  Admittedly, Hurricane Maria has been one of the most devastating storms experienced since the Capuchins first arrived to the islands in 1930.  We are grateful for God's protection of the friars.  We are equally inspired by their conviction and fortitude to support the most basic humanitarian needs of the people by providing food and water.  This is the latest in a message from one of our missionary friars in Puerto Rico:

     We had a meeting with all the friars to hear what our people need, what we are
     already doing, and what else we can do as Capuchins to help them.  It was good
     to put some ideas together.

     Utuado and Aguada are the places that need the most help.  The friars are
     already visiting the families and giving them food and water.  We decided to
     help in Utuado every Saturday and in Aguada every Monday.  The purpose is
     to give them food and water, look for other things they need, and to give pastoral

     For now, the friars said that the people need water, food, some medicines and
     canvas ceiling to protect the houses that lost their roofs from the weather

     We appreciate your help regarding these firsthand necessities for our people
     and thank you for thinking and helping us with this.

Throughout the year you do so much for our Capuchin missionaries, and the poor people they help.  But I must turn to you again with great urgency, in this moment of enormous need, to help our missionaries tend to the injured and hungry, give consolation to the grieving, and to rebuild schools, soup kitchens, friaries and chapels.

I ask you to be generous.  Please donate to help our Capuchin missionaries and the people they serve.

Any gift from the heart, and according to one's means,
is greatly appreciated:


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