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Clinic in Chennur, India

Your help can be life-saving and life-changing
for the people of Chennur.

Several weeks ago I visited the Capuchin mission in Chennur, India. I will never forget our drive through that rural area. People struggle to survive. They work hard and have so little, yet they are eager to share the little they have.

Word had spread that the Capuchin missionaries and a guest from the United States were in the area. At one stop, two teen girls came up to me with lovely wildflowers that they had picked. With wide smiles, they offered them to me as a sign of welcome and hospitality. Their proud father invited me into their home where the mother was preparing rice and vegetables on the open fire in front of the house.

These wonderful but very poor families were eager to share their meager meal with me. They had a little less rice for themselves that evening because they wanted me to eat with them. It was all very touching, but it was also very humbling. It was a blessing after supper to sit on the dirt floor with them and chat over tea.

Our Capuchin missionaries, Father Mathew and Father Alphonse, introduced me to dozens of people. I met a blind woman whose eyes were completely clouded by cataracts, a boy with an enormous lump on the side of his neck, and a father of three small children with an obviously infected gash on his leg.

There are no medical services for miles and miles.

Only two years ago, Father Mathew and his Capuchin companions began a mission among these mostly Hindu people, many of them in the lowest of the caste system. They might be “untouchable” in their society, but our Capuchin missionaries see every one of them as a beautiful child of God.

My Capuchin brothers want the poor farmers and their families to receive basic medical services. Maybe a doctor can determine what that lump on the side of that boy’s neck really is. And it would take just a few basic supplies to treat that infected leg, wouldn’t it? And had the very treatable medical condition been noticed years ago, perhaps that woman would be able to see today.

Can you help our Capuchin missionaries bring medical help to the people of Chennur? Even more, would you show these poor and “untouchable” people that our good Lord embraces them with His love, that Catholics from halfway around the world see them as sisters and brothers?

The villagers have already given precious farmland for the clinic. They need cement and concrete blocks, windows and doors, desks and chairs, examination tables and a few beds for overnight patients, and a wide range of basic medical supplies. The mission needs at least $65,000 to build and minimally equip the clinic with basic equipment and medical supplies; at least $130,000 is needed for the clinic to function fully given the needs. Father Mathew tells me that a team of medical Sisters will staff the clinic.

With your help, we can make it happen.

Any gift from the heart, and according to one's means,
is greatly appreciated:


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